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033: How to Use Email to Keep Readers Interested & Engaged (w/ Marc Mawhinney)

After a decade of success in his past life (real estate,) Marc went through business closure and challenges that would have caused most to give up.

How did he get back on track?

With the help of coaches!

After years of being a lone wolf, and being proud of “going it alone,” he experienced the power of coaching first-hand, and it really made a difference.

So when he was ready to go back into business, he knew that he wanted to be a coach. Marc wanted to help others like he’d been helped.

Apart from coaching coaches, Marc hosts “Natural Born Coaches,” a podcast to help coaches with their businesses. He’s done almost 500 episodes of the podcast over the last few years.

In this episode, Marc talks about how he became the coach for coaches and how you can win more clients through using one of his favorite strategies: daily email.

Find Marc here:

Download his new eBook, “The Real ABCs of a Successful Coaching Business” on Amazon


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