Meet Chris

 Chris Jones is a full-time writer, author, ghostwriter, book writing and publishing coach, and podcast host

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a full-time writer, author, ghostwriter, book writing and publishing coach, and podcast host.

Though I have a degree in graphic design—which comes in handy!—I became a writer when a vacancy at the newspaper I worked for wasn’t filling. I asked for an opportunity to write, was given it, and here we are. I’ve since worked as a newspaper sports writer and sports editor, a managing editor, and an editor-in-chief at two magazines. I’ve also been a web content writer and editor for two niche health websites. I’m also a three-time Virginia Press Association award-winning writer, graphic designer, and editor.

I’ve written for several newspapers and magazines where I have interviewed celebrities and influencers. Among my favorites were HGTVs Sabrina Soto, Food Network’s Rachael Ray, Supernanny’s Jo Frost, and American Supernanny Deborah Tillman.

I published my first book, The Art & Business of Writing: A Practical Guide to the Writing Life, in 2015 to help writers hone their writing skills, balance their author work-life, and learn ways to better write, promote, and sell their books. My next book, Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain & Redemption, which I co-authored with Cornelia Jude, is due out this year through Morgan James Publishing.

On my podcast, The Art & Business of Writing, I interview writers, authors, and creative professionals who influence the writing and publishing world. Some of my guests have included New York Times bestselling authors John David Mann and Joanna Penn (of the Creative Penn Podcast), USA Today Bestselling author Toby Neal, EOFire’s Kate Erickson, and Foundr Magazine CEO Nathan Chan.

I live in Virginia with my wife, Elizabeth, and our children. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading or listening to audiobooks, running, and visiting various art galleries.


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Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain and Redemption

Mended Faith shares Cornelia Jude's struggle to understand why she was the target of repetitive sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and how unhealthy coping mechanisms—drug and alcohol abuse, reclusive behavior, and self-mutilation-—didn't heal her, but added more brokenness to her already shattered life. Jude builds a case for faith in Christ as the only way to find peace, forgive abusers, and live a life of joy beyond the shadows of pain.