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Father Overcomes Stutter with Help of Family, Community and ‘Goodnight Moon’

Four years ago, Brian Sellers couldn’t read “Goodnight Moon” to his two-year-old daughter. The harder he tried, the more he struggled. Finally, his daughter requested that her mother read to her at bedtime. It was a difficult reality for Sellers. The rejection by his daughter wasn’t based on Sellers’ literacy — it was because Sellers had a…

Music is Lifeline for Violinist with Alzheimer’s

If anything is familiar to 82-year-old Liz Popovich, it’s her polished wood violin. When Popovich glides the bow across the strings, her face lights up. In that moment, she’s carried away by the sound of music she plays entirely from memory. And that’s what’s intriguing. Popovich is one of an estimated 5.4 million Americans living…