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065: Toby Neal on Her Leap from the Corporate World to Kindle Worlds

Today, we’re excited to have prolific fiction author Toby Neal on the show. She’s a writer who made the leap from the corporate world to full-time writing in an inspiring way. Toby made a name for herself with her 12 book Lei Crime Series, which has now turned into an Amazon Kindle World. She’s gone on to co-write a 6 book action/romance series with Emily Kimmelman as well her own series of romance novels and a Lei Crime spin-off series called Paradise Crime.

Toby joins us to talk about those things, as well as share tips on how to write a long-running series, how to co-write with another author, and what it’s like to have your own Amazon Kindle World.

In this episode, Toby discusses:

  • Writing a long-running fiction series
  • How her former career informs her writing
  • Kindle Worlds
  • Co-writing

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