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067: How to Get Influencers to Endorse Your Book (Interview with Zack Miller of Hatch)

Zack Miller is the CEO of Hatch where he helps entrepreneurs to start, build, grow, and thrive in their businesses. Zack is also a television show and podcast host, as well as an author. Today he’s going to teach you how to get influencers to say, “Yes!” to contribution to and endorsing your books.

In this episode, Zack discusses:

  • Why entrepreneurs need to get their message out
  • How to leverage the tools you have (your blog or your podcast) to connect with influencers
  • How to contact influencers to contribute to your book
  • The right way to use your book when you’re an entrepreneur
  • Interesting (and counterintuitive ways) to market your book

Get to Know Zack:

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