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I’m a magazine editor and an award-winning journalist and editor who has interviewed and written about a multitude of interesting people throughout my writing career—from entrepreneurs and celebrities to New York Times bestselling authors.

Beyond my editorial career, I write about the practical application of ideas, as well as personal leadership and development. I’m curious about philosophies that provoke thought, inspire growth, and help individuals live their best lives while relating to others.


The Art & Business of Writing Podcast

Ready to take your writing and marketing to new heights? Then buckle up and get ready for The Art & Business of Writing Podcast. Each week, Chris interviews writers and creative professionals eager to show you their success tips so that you can improve your writing, learn the publishing process, and master self-promotion. The Art & Business of Writing Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are downloaded.
The Art & Business of Writing

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