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068: My Biggest Lessons Learned from 2017

Join host Chris Jones as he reflects on the 5 lessons that he learned in 2017 about the writing life and business as a full-time writer and author.

In this episode, Chris shares these lessons:

  1. Open Up. Get out and live. Write and create outdoors and connect with others. You never know where it will lead. Chris earned upwards of $500 additional income through conversations he had while writing in a local coffee shop.
  2. Experiment. Be willing to try new things to boost your creativity. Chris shares how he chose to listen to indie musicians and watch indie film to get inspired.
  3. Go Old School. Chris shares how Kayla inspired him to get back to paper in his writing, editing, and planning and how seeing the big picture on a page is different than it is on a screen.
  4. Audit Your Life. If you hate doing something in your writing or writing business—stop. Chris shares how he reallocated money to get tools to help with this and how he outsourced operations to help reclaim valuable writing time.
  5. Niche In. Do what you do best, but don’t try to do it all. Find what you’re gifted at and focus your full energies on being the best at that. Chris shares how he declared his desire to ghostwrite and collaborate with authors and though scary at first, it has begun to bear fruit.

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