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  • 040: How Books Elevate Your Expert Status (w/ Leslie San)

040: How Books Elevate Your Expert Status (w/ Leslie San)

Leslie Sann, MA, LCPC serves as a mentor, teacher and coach. She is the founder of Living by Design, an educational coaching organization. Her focus is the training and development of individuals and groups in the art of successful living. For more than 25 years she has been helping people live a joyful life by showing them how to live by design rather than by default.

Through her coaching, teaching and writing, she has helped change the way her clients experience who they are and what they can do, empowering them into greater authenticity and expression of their gifts into their world. She assists her clients in dissolving whatever is in the way of them showing up for life as their best while creating a life they love.

Leslie writes from the raw experience of her life, sharing practical, empowering tools she has used and found valuable in transforming herself and her life. She finds joy in helping others transform their lives as well. She believes living a life we love heals the heart, connects us to our joy and makes the world a better place for all of us.

In this episode, she talks about her new book, “Life Happens: What are You Going to Do About It,” why coaches need to be great storytellers, how to be resilient, and the importance of tapping in to the power you have inside of you.

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