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006: Ray J. Pope on How to Pitch Radio Hosts

Recognized most for his current role as co-host and producer of nationally syndicated radio show, Onstage with Earl Bynum Music Radio on Rejoice Musical Soulfood Radio Network, Ray J. Pope is deeply connected with the ‘know-how’ of the Music and a Radio Industry. Week by week, he interviews some of the biggest names in music to provide listeners with up-to-date industry insight delivered through comedic commentary.

Pitching to a Host

  • Make sure you’ve thought out your pitch.
  • Take time to develop relationships with show producers.
  • Be the first to offer value to the host instead of just making requests.

Interview Tips

  • Be yourself; be engaging.
  • Body language counts.
  • Be passionate. Listeners can “feel” you over the air.

How to Reach

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