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  • 070: Tips & Tactics for Better Book Launches
070: Tips & Tactics for Better Book Launches

070: Tips & Tactics for Better Book Launches

One of the most exciting (or more terrifying) aspects to book writing are book launches. Whether you’re about to write a book, are writing a book, or about to publish a book, Candy Zulkosky is going to tell you the ins and outs of book launches and why they need to start from the moment you have a concept for your book. She talks about the timeline for book launches, from getting a cover to getting testimonials from your audience.

Follow along to learn more about book launches:

  • The origin of Candy’s nickname CaZ (00:42)
  • Why it’s important for people to tell their stories (02:17)
  • How Candy became the Writer Success Coach (04:05)
  • How Candy became involved with Manifest Publishing (06:08)
  • What Candy loves about coaching authors and helping them to get published (07:21)
  • Key lessons she has learnt as The Writer Success Coach (09:03)
  • Why a book launch starts before the book is completed (10:02)
  • How to get your book cover and what comes next (13:06)
  • Building a community for your book launch (15:15)
  • Where to focus your social media strategy (16:50)
  • Producing a media kit (18:42)
  • Why it’s important to have a separate website for your book (20:27)
  • How to co-ordinate a successful launch day (23:19)
  • Choosing your launch date (24:56)
  • What is a good frequency for emailing and posting to your audience (26:04)
  • The importance of asking for testimonials (27:08)
  • Setting up an Author Central page on Amazon (29:40)
  • How long should you keep promoting your book? (31:02)
  • The importance of having people to support you as you write your book (33:31)

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