Meet Chris

Chris Jones is a book writing coach and ghostwriter who teaches authors how to write books

I teach authors how to write books and publish them through coaching and ghostwriting.


I’m Chris Jones, a three-time award-winning writer, graphic designer, and editor. I’m also an author, book writing and publishing coach, and a podcast host. All of which I’ll tell you about in a few moments.


From News Room to Teaching Authors How to Write Books

In 2998, I earned a degree is in graphic design—which comes in handy!—but after a few years of pushing pixels, I chose to become a journalist instead. That transition happened when a sports writing vacancy at the daily newspaper I was designing for wasn’t filling. After three weeks of seeing the listing go unanswered, I asked for an opportunity to write. The sports editor got the green light from the managing editor and 17 years—and a few job changes later—here we are.

Since that day in 2001, I’ve worked as a sports writer and sports editor at a daily newspaper, as a stringer for a weekly newspaper, as managing editor for a parenting magazine, and as an editor-in-chief for a health magazine. I’ve also been a marketing copywriter, a web content writer and editor for two niche health websites, and a public relations consultant who has helped his clients media attention and win industry awards.

While writing for magazines, I interviewed a few cool celebrities and influencers. Among my favorites were HGTVs Sabrina Soto, Food Network’s Rachael Ray, Supernanny’s Jo Frost, Pretty Little Liars actor Keegan Allen, and America’s Supernanny Deborah Tillman.

I published my first book, The Art & Business of Writing: A Practical Guide to the Writing Life, in 2015 to help writers hone their writing skills, balance their author work-life, and learn ways to better write, promote, and sell their books. My latest book, Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain & Redemption (Morgan James Publishing), is co-authored with Cornelia Jude. That one began as a ghostwriting project, but the author requested that my name go on the cover of her book. I’m currently working on a third book.

On my podcast, The Art & Business of Writing, I interview writers, authors, and creative professionals who influence the writing and publishing world. Some of my guests have included New York Times bestselling authors John David Mann and Joanna Penn (of the Creative Penn Podcast), USA Today Bestselling author Toby Neal, EOFire’s Kate Erickson, and Foundr Magazine CEO Nathan Chan.


Why Work with Me

As a coach who can teach you how to write books and publish them, I know that it begins with crafting the best story possible. In my book coaching sessions, I emphasize the importance of digging deep to bring the reader into your story. It’s not enough to tell a reader what’s happening, how you did a thing, or even how to do a thing, but instead the goal is painting pictures with words—information through entertainment. It’s how YouTube, Netflix, and other forms of media connect with audiences. They captivate you with story and then share their information. It’s my responsibility as a book writing coach to teach you how to write books with the same appeal.


Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in the services I offer authors who want to write books, you can get it on the Book Writing & Coaching page. There you’ll learn about the programs I have for authors interested in self-publishing. From tie to time an author comes that’s interested in traditional publishing. I can help there too. I have relationships with two publishers and can guide you through that submission process as well.


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