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Book Writing & Coaching Programs

I offer a handful of packages that cover various aspects of the writing process to help get your book to your market faster so you share your story and inspire your audience—and the world!

Individual Book Coaching

This program is geared towards authors who have a book idea and are eager to aggressively move forward in writing their book. In some cases, authors in this program have started their books but need guidance through the writing and self-publishing process. In these weekly sessions we cover:

  • Vetting your book idea.
  • Developing your idea.
  • Writing a book synopsis.
  • The editorial process (e.g., editing, proofreading, revisions, etc.).
  • The production process (e.g., cover design, layout, ISBN purchase, publishing platforms, etc.).
  • The marketing and promotion process  (e.g., social media guidance, email marketing, author websites, media training).

Book Synopsis in a Weekend

This book coaching program is a synopsis-building course for authors who need help organizing their idea so they can write their book with clarity. In this program, we work together to complete a book synopsis that you can use as a roadmap to competing and publishing your book, or use to query book publishing houses. This course is also available as a self-paced video course. Together we’ll:

  • Create your working title and subtitle.
  • Identify your potential production partners (i.e., editor, proofreader, book designer).
  • Define your marketplace and where you fit.
  • Show how your book benefits your audience.
  • Determine your book pricing.
  • Develop your book outline.
  • Write your author bio.
  • Create your working production outline.

Polished to Perfection

his is a developmental editing program for authors who have written a book or who are writing a book and need guidance strengthening and polishing their manuscript.  We’ll review your manuscript against your synopsis to make ensure it’s consistent,  focuses on the audience, and that it flows. This is a great companion program for self-starting authors who may not need full coaching but can benefit from Synopsis in a Weekend.

Power Up Your Platform

This program focuses on helping freelance writers and authors develop, build, and maintain their professional platforms. In this program, we’ll cover:

  • Developing your MVP (mission, vision, and purpose) statements and framing your brand around them.
  • Designing a logo.
  • Your website: how to build it, write it, and design it.
  • Creating your email list.
  • Branding across platforms.
  • Content creation as marketing.
  • Key tools for managing your writing business.

Writer Confidence Coaching

Career and book help aimed at helping writers and authors break mental blocks, find clarity, and boldly walk in the direction of their writing dreams.