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Get Noticed and Sell More Books by Doing These Two Things

It’s December! Hard to believe it, but we’ve nearly wrapped up another year. With Christmas on the way, I’m sure you’re knee deep in planning how you’ll win that Ugly Christmas Sweater contest at the office party. Short on ideas? Here are a few to get you started.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get this party started this week…


Book Publishing


Get inspired by Joanna Penn’s writing journey

A year ago, Kayla and I interviewed Joana Penn on our podcast. Today, Joanna reflects on 10 years of writing and publishing success, shares how she went from zero to six-figures, what’s trending in publishing, and how you can emulate her success. If you’re just starting out, she’s a great come-up story to inspire you. See what he had to say about her journey


… But if you want more inspiration

Sometimes when I want to get inspired I email my heroes. Back on the summer, I shot an email to Ryan Holiday, best-selling author of The Obstacle is the WayEgo is the Enemy, and others. I asked him to share his writing routine with me as I was looking to fine-tune my own. He wrote back and pointed me to this website, which has been invaluable in keeping me fresh and inspired.


Book Marketing


If you wrote it, you’re the expert. Start speaking and get noticed! 

If you’re not using your book to lock in speaking gigs, you could leave revenue, exposure, and book sales on the table. Here’s why you need to use your book as an expert speaking platform and how to get started.


…And if you’re going to speak, you’ll need this too.

One of the most important facets of public speaking is your introduction. When conference or workshop attendees open their program guides, the speaker’s bio is what gets butts in the seats and the stage introduction is what gets them engaged. Learn why you need this and how to write it.


The ultimate guide of the best book review blogs

The old saying is book reviews are the lifeblood of authors. Whether that’s on Amazon or done by independent bloggers or websites, book reviews are the best and easiest form of social proof to boost an author’s credibility. But where do you find those sites? Glad you asked. Here you go…


What’s Trending


Recycling works for books too!

No one said your book needed to be a completely fresh idea. If you’ve written a rich blog with delicious content, you may have a first draft already on your hands.




Who holds the Guinness World Record for most published works by one author? (Answer at the bottom of newsletter)


Offer of the Week


Book Outline in a Weekend Course

I’m in the midst of creating my first online course for authors who want to create a roadmap to writing their first book. If you’re interested in learning more and receiving updates (i.e. enrollment date, course details, etc), just reply to this email and I’ll add you to my announcement list.


Quiz answer: L. Ron Hubbard with 1084.


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