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  • 069: How I Got a Book Deal Using a Clever Tweet (with Hannah Carmack)

069: How I Got a Book Deal Using a Clever Tweet (with Hannah Carmack)

Hannah Carmack talks about how she went through several rejection letters before a clever 140-character tweet on Twitter caught the attention of a book publisher who offered her a deal for her book. Hannah’s biggest passion in writing is accurate and fair representation all marginalized populations, be it race, gender, or disability. She’s talking today about the process of pitching and finding a publisher through twitter.

Follow along:

  • Who Hannah is (00:11)
  • Current book trends and the rise of ‘own voices’ books (00:44)
  • Hannah’s new book and whole she developed the idea (01:28)
  • The challenges of  writing this book over the 3-4 years it took (03:10)
  • How having Crohn’s disease impacts Hannah’s writing and her perspective on life (04:40)
  • How Hannah got her book published (06:32)
  • What rejection was like and how to learn from it (07:52)
  • What was causing Hannah to be rejected (08:45)
  • What should be in a decent query letter (09:37)
  • What it is like competing at a pitch contest (10:23)
  • How many queries did Hannah send out (13:50)
  • The reality of indie presses (14:43)
  • How Hannah used twitter pitch events to gain interest from publishers (15:53)
  • When Hannah learned she had been picked up by a publisher (17:25)
  • The winning pitch (18:29)
  • Tips for pitching on twitter (19:30)
  • What it’s like working with NineStar Press (21:08)
  • How the marketing and promotion works (22:30)
  • Using Twitter to get tips on pitching direct from agents (24:03)
  • How Hannah uses twitter to promote herself and reach out to writers and agents (26:04)
  • Hannah’s favorite hashtags  (27:05)
  • What Hannah is doing next (27:55)

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