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  • 030:How to Win at Book Festivals [Interview w/ Tasha Fuller]

030:How to Win at Book Festivals [Interview w/ Tasha Fuller]

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In this episode, children’s book author Tasha Fuller joins me again to talk about tactical grassroots approaches to marketing and promoting your book. She delves into:

  • Thinking unconventionally about promoting your book based on its genre and topic
  • How to network and sell your book like a guerilla
  • How to create products based on your book that customers will buy
  • How to set up for book festivals and other expos to attract an audience to your booth
  • How to engage customers and bring them to your table
  • Why expo pricing matters over retail pricing and how to create the right pricing point
  • How to package your book and spin-off products for quick upsell
  • How to create distribution partnerships with trusted friends

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