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SWOT analysis

If You Wait Until January To Do This, It Might Be Too Late

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to use the holiday season lull to build relationships and increase your know-how!

Yesterday on Facebook, Zack Miller and I chatted about how to be an anomaly during this festive season. One of my recommendations is to use this time to add a new skill to help grow your business in 2019, or build on a current strength. To do this, I like to use Udemy and Skillshare. Both have Cyber Monday specials still running. Udemy has its course offerings under $10 per course and Skillshare has its premium membership at under $1 for 30 days. If those aren’t feasible, YouTube University is always open with rolling admissions.

As the adage goes, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Speaking of earning … I spent four hours on Sunday writing a 2019 attack plan. Now that it’s written, I’m already executing it. Why wait? I know what I want to do and it’s time to get it started. In the words of General George Patton, “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” 

Writing a plan now is something I recommend you do, as well. If you wait until January like the rest of the world to start attacking 2019, you’ll be playing from behind. One way to start your plan is to take a quick inventory of where you are as an author, a quick and simple way to start is with a SWOT analysis. SWOTs help you see a clear picture of the road ahead based on your navigation. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing these weekly and they do help.


Book Publishing


Book Stores Aren’t Dying

Just when you thought bookstores were on the decline, reports this week have been positive about brick-and-mortar store growth. Barnes & Noble has committed to adding up to 15 new stores in 2019 and the American Buy Local movement has been credited for the record-breaking growth of small, independent bookstores. This means you can keep booking those signings and adding new readers.


Book Marketing


Tell Me a Story…On Instagram

Instagram stories were once just snapchat-like clips of people and businesses showing quick snippets of life behind the scenes. Now, Instagram stories have a ton of useful marketing features that author can take advantage of to promote and sell books. The good news is people LOVE Instagram stories. Feed the crowd!


Ways to Use Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pages have become an after thought, but is it time we revisited them for that reason? Sometimes the things forgotten are the key to growth (i.e., remember snail mail and physical networking?) Here are some ways to re-engage with your followers while building your business presence.


What’s Trending


You’ve Heard of Tiny Homes. How About Tiny Books?

I was trend spotting this weekend at Barnes & Noble and Target (don’t sleep on their book collection!) and came across a tiny book. Intrigued, I opened it, and when I did, I noticed you have to turn the book clockwise to read it. The interior is set in landscape for easy reading. Apparently, mini books are a new trend.




What does author and book marketing expert Tim Grahl call his best investment as an author? (Answer at the bottom of newsletter)


Offer of the Week


Book Coaching

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book and aren’t sure how to begin, l offer free 30-minute consultations. Book a day that fits your schedule and let’s see if I’m a good fit to help you get your book done. Schedule Today.


Quiz answer: Attending conferences and workshops where he can meet other people. Read more of his writing routines interview here.


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