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064: Mastering Amazon Book Descriptions with Julie C. Gilbert

Julie C. Gilbert is a multi-genre writer and a high school chemistry teacher. She writes everything from middle-grade fantasy (Awakening) to Christian mystery (Heartfelt Cases) to fast-paced mystery/thrillers (Lei Crime Kindle World Shadow Council Series) to nonfiction (5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry and 5 Steps to Better Blurbs). In other news, you can find her taking walks on lovely days, drinking tea, building with Legos, or collecting something Star Wars related.

In this episode, Julie discusses:

  • What elements should be included in a good book description (blurb)
  • Where to start in the process of writing a book description (blurb)
  • How long should a book description be?
  • Why authors need to be thoughtful about how they approach writing book descriptions
  • Why good keywords for book descriptions matter
  • What to look for in a book blurb writer

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