Episode 079: Aubrey Kosa Breaks Down the Editing Process Step-by-Step

Aubrey breaks down the different types of editing, which you need, and why you need editors before you publish.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Types of editing and editing styles and stylebooks
  • Roles of an editor and typical editing process
  • When to involve an editor in the book publishing process
  • What to look for in an editor (and how to hire one)
  • Editor red flags
  • Why a publisher might require you to hire your own editor 

About Book Editor Aubrey Kosa

Aubrey graduated from Christopher Newport University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and a double minor in Leadership Studies and Psychology. She has worked in a number of industries, including publishing, pharmaceutical marketing, barn management, payroll customer service, and proposal writing for government contractors.

Aubrey has developed a passion for storytelling: helping others communicate clearly. In pursuit of that passion, she has provided freelance editing services for nonfiction authors since 2016. Her goal is to help authors create a polished final manuscript and navigate the publishing process so they can spend less time on the details and more time focusing on their big picture message. 

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