Episode 081: How to Start a Writers Conference in Your Community (w/ Joy O’Toole)


On this episode, Joy O’Toole teaches us how to start a local or regional writer’s conference from the ground up. We cover how to find a venue, locate authors to speak, get attendees excited, build contact lists, ways to promote a conference, and more. 

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About Joy O'Toole

Joy O’Toole is an adult services programmer at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She helped start and facilitate the Rappahannock Writers Conference.
One of her roles is to create and maintain a partnership between the library and the local writers and poets in its area.
Joy has worked for the library for almost ten years and loves every aspect of her work. She has the privilege of writing for the library website in addition to her other duties.


In her free time, she reads, maintains her personal blog, teaches women’s Bible studies, and is working on a book project of her own.
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