Episode 082: Public Speaking Tips for Writers (w/ David Brown)

Dave Brown Business Leadership Coach

For writers, one of the most powerful self-promotion tools is public speaking. For most, public speaking conjures up visions of speaking in front of their high school English class, but public speaking is a vital skill used in every day conversation, not just on the stage. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the winning edge is for speaking and why it matters
  • What confident speakers know and how you can learn it
  • How to use public speaking techniques to sell more books at festivals and cons
  • Why introverts are among the best public speakers
  • What makes a great speaker
  • The value of listening
  • The power of the pause
  • Why learning to code-switch can make you more effective in sale

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About David Brown

Known as the Evangelist of Authenticity (#authenticityevangelist), David is also an Ordained Minister & Evangelist with the Christian Church.  With 24+ years of ministry experience, David has had the privilege of leading within seven different congregations.  He was also instrumental in establishing three additional Church plantings.

David’s background has been in helping organizations with both Transitional Leadership and Leadership Development.  He is passionate about the development of every organization’s greatest resource: its people.  He has taught and trained on every platform from mentoring to workshops and Executive Coaching.

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