Episode 041: How Highly Productive Writers Sell Work w/ Christine Stoddard

Christine Stoddard is a Salvadoran-Scottish-American writer and artist who lives in Brooklyn. Her writings have appeared in Marie Claire, The Feminist Wire, Bustle, Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Ravishly, So to Speak, Jimson Weed, and beyond. In 2014, Folio Magazine named her one of the top 20 media visionaries in their 20s for founding Quail Bell Magazine. Christine is the author of Hispanic & Latino Heritage in Virginia (The History Press) and Ova, a forthcoming chapbook from Dancing Girl Press.

In this episode, Christine tells about how she used an internship to break into journalism, why you need  and coach. She is the founder of Living by Design, an educational coaching organization. Her focus is the training and development of individuals and groups in the art of successful living. For more than 25 years she has been helping people live a joyful life by showing them how to live by design rather than by default.

Through her coaching, teaching, and writing, she has helped change the way her clients experience who they are and what they can do, empowering them into greater authenticity and expression of their gifts into their world. She assists her clients in dissolving whatever is in the way of them showing up for life as their best while creating a life they love.

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