Episode 053: How to Use Video & Facebook Live to Boost Your Authority (w/Darren Carrington)


On this episode, Darren talks about what he does as a video impact coach and how he helps people who are shy or fearful about doing Facebook Live videos in front of the camera using some targeted techniques that bring out your best personality traits.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can learn how to figure out your unique video personality that will resonate with your audience.
  • Why you need to “ramp it up” when you get in front of the camera to make your energy larger than usual to draw in your audience.
  • Why silence matters and how to use silence for better engagement.
  • Should you use Facebook Live on desktop or mobile?
  • How authors can use Facebook Live to gain readers and generate sales.

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About Darren Carrington

Darren Carrington is a video Impact coach with more than 25 years broadcasting experience in both Radio & TV.  He coaches people all over the world on a one-to-one basis through telephone, Skype or mutually convenient technology. Darren works with people who are using video, podcasting or engage in educational based marketing platforms to showcase their talents and services as well as existing broadcasters who are aspiring to the next level in their career.

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