Episode 061: Copyright, Trademarks & Other Legal Matters for Writers & Authors (w/ Gordon Firemark)


On this episode, Gordon talks about copyright laws writers and authors need to know, what fair use is when quoting sources in your book, how to protect your intellectual property, how to be book publishing contract savvy, what constitutes a legally binding contract, and more.

He discusses:

  • Music rights for podcasters
  • What writers and authors need to consider when starting their businesses
  • Copyright, public domain, and fair use laws
  • Permission rights for using excerpts of other people’s work (including religious texts) in your books
  • Legal savvy for freelancers
  • Why you should talk to an attorney before signing a book contract
  • Protecting yourself when writing a memoir
  • Book titles and trademark laws
  • What the law says on writing biographies of famous people


Resources Mentioned:


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About Gordon Firemark

Gordon Firemark is an expert in matters pertaining to the entertainment industry, particular theatre, film, television and music. Intellectual Property law is his forte’.

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