Episode 065: Toby Neal on Her Leap from the Corporate World to Kindle Worlds

Today, we’re excited to have prolific fiction author Toby Neal on the show. 

Toby joins us to talk about those things, as well as share tips on how to write a long-running series, how to co-write with another author, and what it’s like to have your own Amazon Kindle World.

In this episode, Toby discusses:

  • Writing a long-running fiction series
  • How her former career informs her writing
  • Kindle Worlds
  • Co-writing

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About Author Toby Neal

Toby Neal is a writer who made the leap from the corporate world to full-time writing in an inspiring way.

She made a name for herself with her 12 book Lei Crime Series, which has now turned into an Amazon Kindle World. 

She’s gone on to co-write a 6 book action/romance series with Emily Kimmelman as well her own series of romance novels and a Lei Crime spin-off series called Paradise Crime.  

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