Episode 067: How to Get Influencers to Endorse Your Book (Interview with Zach Miller of Hatch)


Zack Miller is the CEO of Hatch where he helps entrepreneurs to start, build, grow, and thrive in their businesses. Zack is also a television show and podcast host, as well as an author. Today he’s going to teach you how to get influencers to say, “Yes!” to contribution to and endorsing your books.

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About Zack Miller

Zack Miller is a roller coaster fan, which is good. Because over the past 10 years, he’s been up and he’s been down.

Yet through all the twists and turns, he’s built a reputation as an honest advisor, community builder and leading voice for small business and entrepreneurs.

  • Left a promising career in journalism to become an entrepreneur.
  • Started multiple successful startup and entrepreneur events. Tried throwing a national conference and lost $50k.
  • Launched a downtown accelerator from scratch. And then closed it.
  • Talked to a Shark on his weekly business TV show.
  • Created a blueprint for other communities to empower local business & entrepreneurs.
  • Still loves wrestling.
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