Episode 072: [Series Intro] Writing a Book from Start to Finish

This week, I’m introducing a 15-week podcast boot camp on how to write your book from start to finish. Here are the topics we will cover.

  • Episode 074: The Writer’s Mindset & Daily Habits
  • Episode 075: Who is Your Avatar?
  • Episode 076: Developing Your Book Idea
  • Episode 077: Tools of the Trade
  • Episode 078: Writing Your Book Synopsis
  • Episode 079: Developing Your Book Outline
  • Episode 080: Ways to Get the Writing Done
  • Episode 081: How to Start & Build Your Email List
  • Episode 082: Choosing the Best Social Media Platform/s
  • Episode 083: Building Your Author Website
  • Episode 084: Book Editors & Editing Styles
  • Episode 085: Book Designers & Why Looks Matter
  • Episode 086: Choosing & Working with Beta Readers
  • Episode 087: The All-Important ISBN
  • Episode 088: Uploading on Amazon, KDP & IngramSpark
  • Episode 089: Launch Parties

Some of the episodes will have links to downloads in the show notes that you can use between episodes as homework to help you get closer to building your book. I’m looking forward to helping you on this journey. 

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