Episode 073: The Hiatus is … Over!


Welcome back to the Art & Business of Writing podcast. I am your host Chris Jones, and I am … BACK! It’s been nearly three full years (March 30, 2018) since my last podcast episode so, before we get rocking and rolling and picking up where we left off, let’s play some catch up, because my writing life has been an exciting adventure.

Roman poet Ovid once said, “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” And I can say for sure that after three years—and a few false starts when I wanted to bring the show back and was prohibited by life and COVID fallout (i.e. helping manage the family, teach my kids, and balance work)—I’m teeming with good ideas and a fresh outlook.

So, after pausing the show in 2018, here’s what I managed to get myself into:

  • I’ve ghostwritten a couple of books with some fantastic authors.
  • I’ve collaborated with another author to produce an inspiring work.
  • I’ve done a bit of developmental editing as well as general book editing.
  • I’ve been working with Morgan James Publishing as an acquisitions editor. I’m in the market now for business books and memoirs, so if that’s you, be sure to reach out to me. I’m excited about one in particular called Fundraising Is by Patrick Belcher. That’s coming this fall.
  • I’ve coached a number of new authors and taken a few through my synopsis course and others all the way through to self-publishing on Ingram Spark and Amazon.
  • I’ve continued to be a mainstay in the magazine world where I function like an off-site managing editor for a couple of magazines and health website called SpineNation.
  • I’ve also written quite a bit over the past few years for publications.

In the midst of that, COVID-19 struck and, gratefully, no one in my family was affected by the virus itself, but we all felt the change.  I took on a broader role with my family and helped the kids with virtual learning.

In January, I went into my annual eye exam where I spoke to my optometrist about some distorted vision in my right eye. After watching me bomb on the eye exam and then reading m scans, he had me see an ophthalmologist across town who diagnosed me with a detached retina and had me go into surgery at a retina specialist’s office over an hour and 15 minutes away. If you’ve never had your retina worked on, it’s fascinating.  The ophthalmologist puts a gas bubble into your eye, and you spend the next several days with your head down to allow the bubble to press your retina back into place, so it can reattach itself. Then you walk face down and sleep face down for another week to 10 days. Unfortunately for me, after three weeks, more retinal damage was discovered, and I endured a second surgery a month later. So here we are. I’m three weeks post-op, but everything looks good. I can work, I can do cardio (no weights), and it’s probably 6 or so months before I’ll be able to drive again.

Now that we’re all caught up, be sure to email me or find me on Instagram and tell me how your writing life has been and what you’ve accomplished since we last spoke. I’ll be back next week and until then … write on.

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