Episode 074: How Minimalism Made Me a More Productive Writer


My first foray into minimalism started when I read Walden many years ago. Next came Tim Ferriss in the 4-Hour Work Week when he quoted William of Occam, who said, ” It is vain to do with more what can be done with fewer.” Then I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up back in 2017 on a whim. 

All the pieces came together this year when I read Atomic Habits by James Clear. When he talked about how environment was one key to ensuring successful habits stick, it all fell into place.

Since doing these eight things, and I have felt my energy go up, my drive and focus increase, my productivity heighten, my ability to start and finish tasks more rapidly improve, and this has been since the end of January. Here they are. (Get the full explanation on the show)

  • Deleted Unnecessary Software.
  • Organized, Optimized, and Decluttered Digital Files. 
  • Made a One Notebook, One Sketchbook, One Book, One Magazine, and One of Each Type of Writing Utensil Rule. 
  • Had a Shred Party. 
  • Got Rid of Cord Clutter. 
  • Inbox Zero.
  • I Continue to Write in Scrivener as My Main Vehicle.

What are some ways minimalism has made you a more productive writer?

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