Episode 098: Writing the Go-Giver Marriage Together (w/ John & Ana Mann)

John David Mann is co-author of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers, including The Go-Giver (coauthored with Bob Burg).
His wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and dance-movement therapy from Antioch New England, where she specialized in working with adults and family therapy.
John and Ana have been dreaming about cowriting The Go-Giver Marriage and bringing its message to the world ever since the first draft of John and Bob’s original book came sliding out of his desktop printer in early 2005.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The Go-Giver Marriage story
  • The structure of the book and how to write a book that’s part parable part practical application—a fiction and nonfiction book working as one narrative.
  • How John and Ana wrote individually and together and what its like working with a spouse as a co-author
  • Who their audience is for the book and how its meant to be read and applied
  • Why it’s not just another marriage book
  • Ways authors can build a community around their books
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