Episode 100: How to be a PR Rockstar (w/ Steph Heinatz)

Cutting her teeth as a newspaper journalist Stephanie believed one thing—stories are the most powerful way to reach people and inspire change.
She brings that same strategy to Consociate Media, where she specializes in working with business owners, legislative initiatives, economic development programs, non-profit organizations, tourism efforts and individuals to strategically plan and execute storytelling across a wide range of new and traditional media.
In this episode, Stephanie and I discuss:
  • Marketing and PR, their similarities and differences
  • How authors can use storytelling to attract attention
  • How to tell stories across different mediums (e.g., email, social, interviews)
  • The elements of a good platform
  • Advice for using PR as a platform springboard
  • How to make yourself newsworthy for traditional media
  • What goes into querying journalists and how to find them
  • How to write a press release and why they matter
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