Episode 084: How to Write Good (or at Least Gooder) with John David Mann

How to Write Good (Or At Least, Gooder) is multiple New York Times bestselling author John David Mann’s manifesto on the writing life. Mann, who writes fiction and nonfiction, stops by for his third visit to The Art & Business of Writing Podcast to talk about writing, story, the value of good research, the life of a writer, and his latest release Steel Fear, written with former Navy Seal Brandon Webb.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why he wrote How to Write Good (or At Least Gooder)
  • What makes a good story in any genre
  • How we identify with story and the human nature of storytelling
  • Knowing you’re a writer and living it out
  • The anatomy of a good story
  • Your writing life as story
  • How he developed diverse writing styles (John writes fiction, nonfiction, and parable)
  • The writing of Steel Fear and the value of accurate research in writing

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About John David Mann

John David Mann is an award-winning author whose books have sold more than 3 million copies in 3 dozen languages, including the bestselling classic The Go-Giver with Bob Burg, the New York Times bestselling memoir The Red Circle with former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, and the New York Times bestselling parable The Latte Factor with personal finance legend David Bach. As a teenager, John started his own high school and was an award-winning composer and cellist before turning to careers as an entrepreneur and author. His book, Take the Lead (with former White House staffer Betsy Myers), was named by Tom Peters and the Washington Post “Best Leadership Book of 2011.” His first novel, Steel Fear, will be released in August 2021; iconic author Lee Child has called it “sensationally good—an instant classic, maybe an instant legend.”

My journey as a writer, and especially my two current books: How to Write Good (Or At Least, Gooder)—released March 1 as an ebook exclusive; and Steel Fear, released July 13.

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