Episode 083: Planning Virtual and Hybrid Writing Events (with Alicia Riley)

Virtual events have become commonplace in today’s business world. Author and event planner Alicia Riley pops by the Art & Business of Writing Podcast to talk about how writers and authors can make the most of virtual and hybrid events. Riley leverages her decades-long experience with live event planning to share tips for turning virtual events using Zoom and other online tools into successful conferences that generate revenue and engage guests.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How COVID changed event planning and what that means to you today
  • How to embrace changes and move forward with grace
  • Setting up virtual events
  • Keys to successful events
  • Why hybrid events may become be the norm and how you can host them
  • Setting your fee structure
  • How long virtual and hybrid events should be
  • How to choose the right speakers for virtual and hybrid events

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E-mail: aliciasdesigncre@gmail.com
Website: strategicvirtualevents.com
Facebook: facebook.com/aliciaplansevents25
Amazon Author Page: Alicia Riley

About Event Planner and Author Alicia Riley

Alicia R. Riley, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Business Administration-Marketing, is the author of The Power of Events and The Virtual Event Planner. She is a professional event producer and an educator who began studying the field in 1996—an era when the profession was foreign to many, and educational or training options were limited. Riley believes any goal is possible if you commit yourself to work for it, and she reaches every professional goal she sets, based on her list of lessons that are critical to an event planner’s success.

In 2002, the Glendale, Arizona native launched a business and amazed clients with her event planning knowledge and expertise. This led to a teaching position and service as a professional speaker in the event planning industry. Her motivational speech, “The Power of Events,” educates audiences about special events and life planning. 

She refuses to be content and is committed to staying current in her profession. In 2020, Riley earned digital event strategist certification, which allows her to help companies transition in-person events to a digital platform. Her recently published book, The Virtual Event Planner, provides a detailed, personal guide to all aspects of virtual event planning, which will be an inspirational and indispensable resource for anyone already involved with event planning or anyone who may be considering a career in the profession.

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