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075: How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Press Kit for Your Book

When you want to make it easy for bloggers, editors, journalists, show producers, and podcast hosts to give you guest posting/contribution opportunities, write a story about you, or interview you, what’s your best resource for getting their attention? A press kit, of course. A press kit, sometimes called a media kit, is an information packet or a page on your website that contains information about you or your product or service and why you or it are newsworthy. A press kit gives potential interviewers easy access to you and your brand. A well-organized press kit makes conducting interviews and creating story angles about you and your brand more enticing for their readers, viewers, or listeners.

Since few people take the time to create a press kit, you’re also giving yourself a leg up on your competition. A well-executed press kit has the power to get you to the top of the stack of media opportunities with bloggers, journalists, show producers, and podcasters.

When you’re networking and reaching out to media sources, your press kit will be just a click away. Plus, it makes you look organized and professional, two things that make reporters’ jobs easier.

Once you’ve created your press kit, make it easily accessible by including a “Press Kit” or “Media Inquiries” link in the footer of your website, or as a link in the text of your “About” page. You can also have a PDF copy stored on your hard drive or in your cloud drive for easy access. Your press kit functions like part resume and part biography. It is a collection of information, photos, and articles about you and your company that answers frequently asked questions and shows off your professional image. The goal of the press kit should be to grab attention, make a lasting impression, and pique just enough interest and curiosity about you and your business that will make its recipients contact you for more information.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to assemble a press kit, create a one sheeter, and build the confidence to get more interviews to promote your book.

Download the visual guide here

Download a sample of my one sheeter here