"In his time as Editor of Fredericksburg Parent, Chris was a leader who immediately committed to the goals and aspirations of the magazine. I continue to be amazed at the level of professionalism, organization and leadership he brought with him to the position. He quickly implemented strategies resulting in the immediate improvement of the content and aesthetics of the magazine. His energy and passion for his work and his life are inspiring."
Heidi DiEugenio
"Chris is a rare combination of encouraging mentor and sharp editor -- finding both ways to improve writing, and to improve the story that is being told without harsh criticism. He's savvy at thinking about trends and the bigger picture, while drilling down to the tiny details that make a magazine look amazing. I didn't know how lucky I'd be to get to work with Chris, who is enthusiastic about writing, sharing and educating the public about health. He's also incisive about deciding how to prioritize, a tough job when you get as much information bombardment as he does! He cares, he works hard and he gets the job done, with style and often, on a tight deadline."
Natalie Miller Moore
"I've had the pleasure of working with Chris the past couple years as a freelance writer. As my editor, he is open to new ideas and provides insight and constructive feedback to help me produce my best work. I appreciate his professionalism and talent as a writer, editor and leader."
Debbie Girvan
"I have worked with Chris on a number of instances. He is not only a fantastic writer, but he is thoughtful and conscientious. I have enjoyed working with him"
Nimali Fernando
"Chris makes writing look easy. He is a clever and talented professional. He's also a pleasure to know and to work with."
Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, FAND
"Chris is one of the most driven people I've had the opportunity to work alongside. His constant flow of ideas and energy inspires our entire team to do their best work. I always look forward to working closely with Chris on projects because with what he brings to the table, it's always a success. I'm in constant awe of his work ethic and positive attitude."
Alexis Kikoen
"As a freelance journalist, I've had the pleasure to work with Chris on a number of writing assignments over the years for The Health Journals and for Fredericksburg Parent magazine. Not only is he a skilled, detail-oriented writer in his own right, as an editor, he is professional, courteous and responsive."
Christa Hines
I’ve had the great opportunity to work alongside Chris Jones at The Health Journal; in this time I’ve observed an editor-in-chief with a solid business savvy and “out of the box” creativity. As an editor Chris has a dedicated attention to detail and holds his team accountable, ensuring accurate facts, tight proofs and edits and an overall flawless final product. From a management perspective Chris promotes creativity and effortlessly mentors his team, he’s an excellent problem solver that has led to continuous improvement in our workflow and publishing process, i.e., finding ways to work smarter, not harder. From a personal level, I’m always eager to work with Chris, he’s very approachable whether it’s brain-storming new concepts or solving a creative block. He’s very personable and thus has a deep network of professional connections. Through his guidance, I’ve become not only a stronger designer, but I’ve added a variety of skills to my repertoire including content management and copywriting. Chris’ motivation is inspiring and contagious, encouraging me to work harder at my own on-going development. Chris is truly an unparalleled asset to any team.
Susan Thompson
Art Director at Meijer
Chris Jones is in a class by himself. He quickly exhibits an unprecedented depth of understanding for every challenge he encounters. It is a pleasure working with Chris and gaining insight to his process. His recommendations are always relevant and effective. His scope is wide, and he is extremely capable in overcoming all obstacles.
Caroline (Cassidy) Fornshell, MS, RDN, CDE, NASM-CPT
It has been a joy working with Chris over the years raising awareness about heart disease and stroke in Hampton Roads. He has written beautiful profiles of some of our volunteer heart disease and stroke survivors which help break stereotypes that only older people are affected by cardiovascular disease. We are so grateful for Chris's dedication to our cause and his commitment to making Hampton Roads a healthier place.
Teri Arnold