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The Best Time to Publish Your Book (by Genre)

It’s Thanksgiving week. Hard to believe we’re at this point of the year already. Feels like summer just ended and yet we’re already midway through fall.

Speaking of seasons, did you know this time of the year is the best time to publish children’s books, cookbooks, and novelty/gift books. Not your market? Here’s a list of the best seasons to publish by genre.

Yes, ’tis the season for traditional publishers to unleash their celebrities on you during the holidays. Barnes & Noble reported that Michelle Obama’s new book Becoming has smashed all first-week store sales records for 2018.

While her story may be impressive, a Charlottesville, Virginia, man apparently has the biggest political bombshell story of the 21st century. If you want to help him write it, he’s looking for a co-author.



Book Publishing


Oh, You Self-Published?

It’s holiday party time and the two things I get each time I go to these gatherings is: 1) So, writing is your full-time job? and 2) Have I read anything you’ve written. (Cue the Robert Downey Jr eye roll meme). When the first question pops up, here are some bona fide things you can say to position yourself as proudly as a self-published author.

Tech Bubble?

As we become more tech savvy as a society, how does that affect writers? What merit is there to stepping away from the keyboard and taking up pen and paper to draft our books? Here are a few thoughts on old school writing tools.


Book Marketing


If you grew up watching TV in the 80s…

You saw Matthew Lesko in his Riddler-esque suits prancing around Washington, D.C. with his book on how to get free government money to fund your projects. He ALWAYS captured my attention. He was energetic and passionate about his book. You have to do the same thing online to get people to care about your book. It starts with capturing the leads. Here’s how.


Hey, Alexa!

With smart speakers growing in popularity, how can authors capitalize on this technology to reach more readers?


What’s Trending?


Inside the Numbers on Voice

Speaking of Alexa (Yay, puns!), what is the data on use, and how do podcasts and audiobooks factor into using voice-first tech for reader share and marketing?



What magical name did Jeff Bezos originally want to call Amazon? (Answer at the bottom of newsletter)


Offer of the Week


Book Coaching

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book and aren’t sure how to begin, l offer free 30-minute consultations. Book a day that fits your schedule and let’s see if I’m a good fit to help you get your book done. Schedule Today.


Quiz answer: Cadabra, as in abracadabra. See this and other fun facts about Amazon here, or listen to Steve Miller sing it for you.


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