Episode 066: Smart Online Marketing for Savvy Authors with AJay Prasad


Ajay Prasad is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of GMR Web Team, GMR Transcription and RepuGen.

A former Fortune 10 executive with years of marketing expertise, Ajay has helped small businesses grow to their fullest potential. He continues to craft a name for himself by building online businesses from the ground-up.

Today, Ajay discusses:

  • What makes up the digital landscape
  • Creating a system to filter reviews
  • Reputation management for authors to convert critics to customers
  • Benefits to book landing pages
  • Facebook ads vs Google ads
  • Social media targeting

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About Ajay Prasad

Wandering the corporate landscape as a marketing executive for 20+ years, Ajay was never quite satisfied with any of his positions. Whether it was the monotony of the job or quickly solving the problem he was initially hired for, Ajay yearned for more. After suddenly parting ways from his last employer, he realized he’d never have complete control of his destiny as a cog in the big business world. In 2004, he left the corporate world and started GMR Web Team – Ajay’s attempt to give small-medium sized businesses the ammunition to compete with their bigger competitors through customized digital marketing strategies.

Ajay believes that no small business should be limited to basic, low-level marketing resources. He knows firsthand the struggles of a small business owner and believes that businesses of every size deserve the same opportunities as a corporate counterpart. His mission is to give small businesses the affordable and effective marketing resources they need to compete with large scale corporations.

To this day, his philosophy is rooted in our work and culture.

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