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047: 12 Ways Writers Can Crush It Using Evernote

Happy New Year. Today Kayla and I are talking about 12 Ways Writers Can Crush It Using Evernote. I have been a regular Evernote user since about 2013. I started with the free version and realized in time that this tool is really powerful and so now I use the $8 Premium version.

Evernote has something for everyone. Find out more about their three subscription packages here and chose the one that best meets your needs. Kayla and I are both heavy users and love all the bells and whistles the Premium package has to offer.

Here are great ways that writers can maximize this great tool.


Web Clipper

  • Take images and articles from the internet and stick them in Evernote for future reference with a click of a button.
  • Great for research.
  • Keeping track of blog posts to read later.
  • Available for most browsers.



  • Kayla and I use this for putting together our weekly podcast, but would be a wonderful tool for co-authors as well.
  • Share and edit documents without creating extra copies. Your co-workers/co-authors can see your updates in real time. (Note: Only one person can edit a note at a time.)


Story Stacks

  • Keep topical notebooks in one place instead of scattered throughout your dashboard. Kayla uses this feature to organize novels in the same series, while I use it for client and publication work.
  • Another idea is to use a story stack for all of your business materials like your head shots, marketing plans, EIN numbers and tax information, as well as logos and specifics on all of your products.


Sync Between Devices

  • The number of devices you can sync depends on the package you subscribe to, but no matter what you can at least have your phone and your computer connected.
  • There’s also the option to use the web interface on any device with access to the internet. So, even if you don’t have one of your devices on hand, you can still access your information. With life’s unexpected twists and turns it’s awesome to know you can sit down and literally work anywhere.


Record Audio for Books or Interviews

  • I love using Evernote for recording interviews when working on a story for publication. You just turn the volume up on your phone, press record and set the device down. It has good range and he’s recorded as much as one hour of content.
  • If you want help transcribing the interview, try a service like Rev, which is also an app. You can upload your audio to their site and they return with a completed transcript in 24 hours.
  • I also recommend Transcribe, an online tool that allows you transcribe audio that you upload to your typing pace.
  • The audio feature also works if you’re an author. Sections of your book, scenes, character descriptions, plot ideas, and more can be recorded for later listening.
  • Recording is especially handy when writing isn’t feasible or you’re thinking a million miles a minute and you just need to get your ideas out into the open.


Swipe Filing

  • A swipe file is just a catalog of ideas for current or future use (kind of like Pinterest boards).
  • I have a swipe file stack and there he stores ideas for book covers, book interiors and text styling. I also have notes full of quotes, memes, and more.


Business Cards & Documents

  • Another great feature that comes with the Premium package is the ability to snap clean photos of business cards and documents. If you’re a networker, this is great. You don’t have to keep stacks of cards on your desk. Just shoot them, tag them, and folder them.
  • If you’re a freelancer or author, you can keep complete copies of your contracts in Evernote. You can either shoot them by the page or upload the entire PDF into Evernote. This keeps all of your records in place.
  • If you want a nifty way to keep receipts for your accountant, you can create a folder for receipts and then snap copies of all of your receipts. If you create an accounting stack, you can keep other important business documents (licenses, forms, etc) and even share this with your CPA.


E-Book Library

  • If you enjoy getting ebook freebies when you sign up for email lists, you can use Web Clipper and send the PDFs right into Evernote.
  • If you prefer reading those in your Kindle or Kindle app, though, try downloading Send to Kindle and you can send any PDF right into your devices.
  • This is handy when researching lead magnets. Create a notebook where you can go back and flip through what others have done and piece together one customized to your writing business and audience.



  • This is a Premium feature, but it allows you to turn your notes into presentations. While it may not be as sophisticated as PowerPoint or Keynote, but you can choose pointer colors and make simple presentations.
  • I like using it as a teleprompter. While making a video or doing a podcast, you can open the note in it’s ‘focus mode’ and read from it.
  • Note that your presentation must be given in your Evernote account and can’t be saved to a thumb drive to take to wherever you are giving your presentation.


Send Email into Evernote

  • If you like to subscribe to email lists but don’t want the clutter in your inbox, you can use your Evernote email address when you fill out subscription forms.
  • If you want to keep an email for use later but not house it in your inbox, you can forward that email to Evernote and then categorize it into a notebook and add a tag so that you don’t forget.



  • Don’t slow your writing flow when you realize a change needs made somewhere else in the document. Just swipe over to Evernote and add it to a working list that you can consult when you sit down in editing mode.
  • Keep track of character descriptions.
  • Track beta reader progress and contact information.
  • Plan events and set reminders to walk you through the process without fear of missing a step.


Beyond the Writing

  • Organize Christmas shopping.
  • Kayla planned her daughter’s school’s book fair in Evernote.
  • Keep track of who’ve you’ve given school pictures to.
  • Keep automotive records.

I hope you found this episode informative and helpful. Used well, Evernote can transform your entire writing ecosystem.

If you have a question specifically for me you can find me at chris@readywritelaunch.com. I’m also on Twitter at chrisjonesink. You can find Kayla at kayla@kayladawnthomas.com or on Twitter at kayladawnwrites.