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How To Write A Book Series

072: [Series] Writing a Book from Start to Finish

Writing a book is nearly always on the tops of New Year’s Resolutions and goals. This week, I’m introducing a 15-week podcast boot camp on how to write your book from start to finish. Here are the topics we will cover.

  • Episode 073: The Writer’s Mindset & Daily Habits
  • Episode 074: Who is Your Avatar?
  • Episode 075: Developing Your Book Idea
  • Episode 076: Tools of the Trade
  • Episode 077: Writing Your Book Synopsis
  • Episode 078: Developing Your Book Outline
  • Episode 079: Ways to Get the Writing Done
  • Episode 080: How to Start & Build Your Email List
  • Episode 081: Choosing the Best Social Media Platform/s
  • Episode 082: Building Your Author Website
  • Episode 083: Book Editors & Editing Styles
  • Episode 084: Choosing & Working with Beta Readers
  • Episode 085: The All-Important ISBN
  • Episode 086: Uploading on Amazon, KDP & IngramSpark
  • Episode 087: Launch Parties

Some of the episodes will have links to downloads in the show notes that you can use between episodes as homework to help you get closer to writing a book. I’m looking forward to helping you on this journey.