How Immersion Can Ignite Your Passion

When I was a boy, at the encouragement of my grandmother, I stood up for the church altar call. The pastor—a large, black man with a voice like thunder—boomed, “Who of you would like to be baptized to become a member of God’s church.” My grandmother nudged me. “I would,” I quivered. He flashed his […]

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Victory box

Do You Need a Victory Box?

I’ve done some noteworthy and amazing things in the past few years. Every December, I try to remember what those things were and when I achieved them. Sometimes I remember them with ease, like like finishing the first draft of my book on November 30, and other things slip my mind, like interviewing Jo Frost — was that in […]

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Using Deliberate Practice to Gain an Edge

In his best-selling book “Talent is Overrated,” author Geoff Colvin writes about the concept of deliberate practice and how by adhering to this principle, the practitioner can attain expertise far more rapidly than they could through repetitive methods of practice that focus on already sharpened skills. Here are the criteria for an activity to qualify […]

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How to Reach Influencers Using Touchpoints

In the freelance writing sphere, we spend a considerable amount of time connecting with others through networking, meetings, social media, or emailing editors and business owners to make introductions. Before long, a month has passed, then three, then six. How do you stay in front of those influencers and important connections you’ve made throughout the year to stay […]

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Why You Need a Writer’s Group

A few years ago, I met with four friends every Sunday afternoon from 2-4 p.m. at a local Panera Bread. We dubbed ourselves The Mastermind Group. Our aim was to help one another grow personally and professionally through goal setting and accountability. We each went around the table sharing our weekly highs and lows, went […]

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3 Ways to Write Faster Now

You have a job, you have a commute and maybe you have a family. I have two of three (my commute is a gentle 7 minutes). You want to make time to write, but after being present for those three, or any combination of them, you look up and it’s a half-past 9 already. It […]

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Writing at a Snail’s Pace

It’s February and I hope that your goals are still feeling inspirational and achievable. One thing I’ve learned is that achievement goes to those who are consistent. In writing, sometimes it’s hard to be. Life happens and before we know it, that dream of writing a novel or a book in a year goes from […]

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I Am What I Am

A few years ago, I was sitting across the desk from my insurance agent. We were talking about work and how each of us were doing in our businesses—she in insurance and I in graphic design at the time. Then she said something that has never left me. “Chris, I love selling insurance. I am what I […]

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Word Economy

A temptations writers have to resist is overwriting—writing more when less will do [tweet this].  It’s one of those writing sins that happens when we are aiming at a word count or  try to be too descriptive. One of the most famous speeches in history, President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, was a whopping 273 words. As an editor, […]

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